More possibilities to grow your business and do more at home

When you connect on one of our wireless internet packages – an alternative to fibre and ADSL - You and your neighbor get to enjoy the very best of home automation, security, voice and video communication, as well as unlimited internet access.

Your internet experience will be completely transformed. Streaming movies online, while you download series on another device and your sibling browsing the internet at the same time, and on the same connection? No problem.

Pioneer Connect brings you lightning fast Internet connetivity. With us, your Internet experience will be completly transformed

Wireless Internet

High speeds, higher value, and absolutely unlimited bandwidth. Get better value for your internet, at speeds that fit your needs.

Closed Circuit TV

CCTV can scare off potential crime, as well as reducing property and premeditated crime. We have a solution to your surveillance problem.


From unlimitted (uncapped) data to self-managed top-up products, Pioneer Connect provides high-speed fibre packages to meet your needs.

Voice Over IP

VoIP Hardware, Telephony Services and PBX’s. VoIP serves as an alternative cheaper solution when compared to traditional calling.